Bai Cao Instruction


Bai Cao is a simple game. Each player is given a hand of 3 cards in the game. The hands are then compared, and the person with the best hand wins. If there is a tie, the winning amount is equally divided to all the winners.

Hand value

A hand is simply evaluated by adding the 3 cards together, counting an Ace as one, King, Queen, or Jack as ten. The last digit of the sum is then the value of the hand. The suits and ranks of individual cards are irrelevant in the computation of this digit. The higher the value of this digit, the better the hand.

Three types of hands are considered special in this game. A triple is a hand with 3 identical cards. A figure hand is a hand with 3 figure cards (i.e. having only kings, queens, or jacks.) A triple figure hand is a hand that is both a triple and a 3 figure hand. Among these special hands, the triple figure hands are best, then the triple hands, then the figure hands. Special hands are always better than nonspecial ones.

Playing Bai Cao

This game is the simplest game to play. Click on FindTable to find a table with open seat, then click on the Join button to take a seat. Once joining, click on Deal to deal the cards.